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Get high knowing you're saving the world one butt at a time. Odor proof, water resistant containers - what's YOUR butt?

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. 

So we decided to help change that. Our mission is to create fun and useful items that help people and the environment - like our odor proof, water resistant containers. 

ButtStash. Odor proof, water proof containers.


Not your every day ash tray. We at ButtStash come up with solutions to solve problems for humans and the planet. After learning that cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world, we decided to make some edgy and functional pocket sized ButtStash Trays to help solve the problem. Smokers can carry these on them, and smoke in peace knowing that they can pack their butts with them wherever they go. Turns out these small odor and water proof cans happen to be pretty cool, and can store more than just cigarette butts, but really, any type of oddities-so the question is, what’s YOUR butt?

We also created additional merchandise so please check us out, or butt out!

Kyle M, AZ

"I think ButtStash saved my relationship with my mom. I always smoke outside but sometimes I’d toss my butt on the ground. It would drive her crazy! The ButtStash can has made it easy to keep my butts after smoking them and toss them away afterwards without pissing anyone off."

Denise R, NY

"I got the pink tin can not for cigarette butts because I don’t smoke. I just thought it was too cute not to get. I take it with me everywhere and keep my garnet crystals and sage in it. I get a lot of compliments and questions about it."

Marcus K, NV

"I never thought about using a humidor for my stash before, but when I saw the one by ButtStash I thought I’d give it a try. I live in a pretty dry climate and I have got to say it's been a great game changer!"

Recycle The Butts

While researching all things butts, we learned that these filters can actually be processed and have a second useful life. One can re-cycle their butts through a company called Terra-Cycle.

ButtStash Mascot.png

Use Our Containers

Just by purchasing our containers you help the world. Whether you use the ButtStash Tin for yourself or buy it for a loved one, it is meant to help make sure the user has an easy way to responsibly discard used butts. With every purchase ButtStash ensures 10 cigarette butts are taken off the streets. 

ButtStash Mascot.png

Send In Your Butts

If you want to really go the extra mile you can save and collect your butts; and later send them to Terra-Cycle to be recycled. Yes, recycled. Butts have plastic in them, and once the butts are properly cleaned, they can be recycled and used to make many useful everyday items. Terra Cycle will also send you a pre-paid label for shipping if you do this. More info here.

ButtStash Mascot.png

Other Merch

We care about helping people, and the planet. Please see other merchandise that we carry. We currently are working on some pretty fun, and not your run of the mill products. A portion of all sales go to causes to help clean up our earth.

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