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This is our story.

About ButtStash

We make fun stuff, and care about the environment. We started out with a name, ButtStash, and an idea. We learned that cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world, and decided to help do something to change that. So we collaborated and made some really rad cans, with a fun logo, that are water and odor proof that smokers can easily take with them anywhere and use to keep not just their ashes, but their butts-no matter where adventure may call you. These cans got pretty popular fast and soon we had orders coming in from people who just wanted them for fun. Whether they’re putting meds, candies, or really anything in them; they get to have a cool tin to take with them; and its for a good cause. A portion of our proceeds go towards cleaning up the environment. What’s YOUR Butt? Feel free to browse and check out our other merchandise. We a love hearing about what useful fun thing our friends would like next and are constantly working to create new and exciting products.


The Head Butts

Holly and Jess are both previous nurses who formed a friendship, and later a partnership based off the similar interests of wanting to help people and the environment together. They enjoy collaborating as they both take ideas to the next level and build off each other’s passions and ideas. Their dreams are to continue to find ways to help make life easier and better for others, and help the environment; and one day be able to coach and help next generations of young entrepreneurs.

The Butt Sniffer

Meet Mowgli, our dog ambassador. He had a unique start to life and continues to be one of a kind. He is a 4 year old Amstaff pitbull mixed breed, a rescue that was found stranded alone with a large congenital umbilical hernia defect. He never learned to fetch but enjoys throwing buckets or flower pots in the air and catching them. It is quite the spectacle. He also eats water instead of

drinking it,  if you are to close you might be in the splash zone! And If you are lucky enough to be present after the lawn is mowed you will have the opportunity to watch

him roll in the grass  so vigorously that his white fur turns bright green, like a lucky clover. After a day of helping sniff out butts he enjoys chilling on the couch with his 2 kitty sisters and his chihuahua girlfriend named Lil Pippin. Of course he is always tucked under a blanket because comfort is a necessity to this guy. Follow along on all his butt sniffing adventures and you are guaranteed to love him just as much as we do.

cig butts photo.webp

Why We Do It

Our mission is to create fun and useful items that help people, and the environment.

Our Mantra

Badass environmentally conscious artists, film makers, lovers of nature, and registered nurses, who are crazy enough to believe we can make a long standing positive impact in the world. That is who we are. Welcome to our tribe!

1. Prevent the accumulation of the most littered item in the world, by creating bad ass products to collect and recycle cigarette butts.

2. Create channels to recycle cigarette butts, and turn them into eco-friendly useful products, that instead do not destroy the environment.

3. Educate and provide awareness on the toxicity cigarette butts cause to our health and the environment; and the solutions that are available to recycle them.

4. Grow our tribe with others who aid in our mission; and help keep our environment safer and cleaner for future generations.

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