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You have questions, we have answers.


Why ButtStash?

At ButtStash we care about providing high quality products to you and helping out the environment. When possible, we select recycled materials to use with our products; and we donate to causes that are environmentally positive.

What can I use my ButtStash tin can for?

Our cans were first developed to give smokers an easy way to hold on to their butts until they could dispose of them appropriately or send them in to be re-cycled. They are a convenient easy to carry size, with high quality features that ensure they are odor and waterproof. This allows them to be versatile and used for much more. When asked what you can put in them, the answer is simply anything and everything that might fit! The question then becomes, What’s Your Butt?

What about other ButtStash products?

We aim to provide fun, functional, and helpful products. A portion of all our sales goes to helping keep our environment clean. We are always thinking about new ideas to make life more fun, and welcome suggestions. Keep a lookout for new and exciting products!

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